Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Fudge's Words of Wisdom

Hi Everybody,
Have you noticed that your peeps tend to get all worked up over the silliest things? Last weekend Mom went into her office to play with taxis. She does this every year about this time.  Instead of paying ball outside with us, she spends all day in front of the computer surrounded by papers and instead of smiling and talking to us, she gets grumpy and says lots of bad words. Then at the end of the day Mom and Dad get together and go thru the papers and either get grumpier or sometimes they get happy.
 I don't know a lot about taxis but I know I like to ride. When Mom said she was going to do taxis I watched out the window but I didn't see a single car and she didn't leave the house, so what are these peeps talking about? Why get so worked up over a taxi?

Peeps should learn a few things from us dogs about relaxing and enjoying life. Take poop for instance.  Every dog enjoys the scent of fresh poop, either our own or that of another animal. We can spend a lot of time sniffing and taking in all the finer qualities of  a warm pile of poop. No two are the same, just like snowflakes.
But have you noticed how peeps react to fresh poop? They go nuts. When Mom or Dad get a whiff of fresh poop, we know what to expect. They line us up and do a butt check. Then someone is sure to wind up in the bathtub. What a waste!

The peeps use something called shampoo to destroy all our fine doggie fragrance that we've worked so hard to establish. Now think about shampoo. Sham means fake and poo means poo. Why on earth would you wash us with fake poo when we are perfectly able to make ourselves smell like real poo. It doesn't make any sense.
Then there's the issue with sticks.On a warm sunny day we all love to find a good thick stick and make mulch out of it. But when it's cold or rainy, we like to bring those sticks inside and chew in comfort on the carpet, in front of the TV.  The peeps are fine with us mulching outside in the grass, but they freak out when they see a fine pile of fresh mulch on the carpet. They yell and grab that big noisy dirt sucking machine and attack our handiwork. It just disappears. After all our hard work, it just disappears. How's that for gratitude?
Peeps need to chill and start thinking more like dogs. Accept others for the rich earthy doggie aroma that they possess naturally. Stop worrying about invisible taxis that don't even appear after hours at the computer. 
So, my advice for peeps is go roll in the yard, pee on a tree and find a good stick to chew. It will help your blood pressure and make you a nicer person to live with. Oh, and take more naps. If you aren't busy doing something important like eating, take a nap. You'll feel a whole lot better

Your pal, Fudge

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Crisis Averted

Hi Everybody,
Last week we had a very serious crisis situation here at our house. This situation could have had tragic consequences if someone didn't step in quickly and correct the problem. I was really nervous. Let me explain.
As you all know I have a certain fondness for sprinkles. I like them on cookies......
and cupcakes.....
and even my birthday pie was generously covered with sprinkles.

But last week it came to my attention that our sprinkle bottle was getting perilously close to empty. There were only enough sprinkles left to cover one party. This was a truly frightening thought and I couldn't relax just thinking about it.
Then over the weekend Mom and Dad went shopping. They bought lots of goodies like green beans for my dinner and yogurt for my bedtime snack. While they were strolling thru the store Dad saw the display of sprinkles and commented that our supply was running low.

So guess what they brought home.
They bought a big supply of sprinkles of all colors and sizes and shapes.
 Crisis averted! We have plenty of sprinkles now which means we can have even more parties. Hey, I think that calls for a party!

Your pal, Fudge

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Mom's Little Trick #Chewy Influencer

Hi Everybody,
We're a day late with our Chewy review and it's all Mom's fault. We did our taste testing but Mom wasn't able to write about it because she got sick. Last week when she went to the doctor, he told her that she had an ulcer and he gave her some medicine to make her feel better. Well, that didn't work out so well because she had a really bad reaction to the medicine and she got dizzy and couldn't walk without hanging onto the walls and furniture and stuff. She said she was too dizzy to sit at the computer so we're late. See, it's all her fault.
Today she said we could post because she's feeling a little better, so here's what we ate. It's Zignature Kangaroo Formula kibble. 
Once before, last year, we tried Zignature Kangaroo wet food and it was so wonderful. We loved it and Dr B told Mom that it was really good for us. Kangaroo meat is very low fat so all of us could eat it, even the ones with weight issues.
 This time Chewy offered us the chance to try the kibble version and we were excited about it. Usually when we test a kibble, Mom selects one or two of us to try it because a sample bag of kibble doesn't go far with our big pack but this time we all wanted to have some so Mom thought she'd play a trick on us.
  Instead of putting a wet food or a sauce or homemade food on our regular kibble as a topper, she put a scoop of the Zignature kibble on top of our regular kibble and called it a topper. She expected us to sniff it and look at her for an explanation but we fooled her. We all dug right in because this food is delicious either wet or dry.
 We love Zignature Kangaroo formula and we'll take it as a meal or a topper or a treat. Tell your peeps to order some for you and you'll understand.

Chewy sent us this bag of Zignature Kangaroo Formula kibble at no cost to Mom and Dad in exchange for our honest review. Honestly, we love this stuff.

Your pal, Fudge

Monday, February 26, 2018

Feeling Itchy? #Chewy Influencer

Hi Everybody,
Do You have an itchy dog in your family? We have two of them. Both Norma Jean and Sebastian are itchy. We've tried lots of stuff to help them. They both take antihistamines each morning, but they still scratch.
The doc thought they might have food allergies so we tried them on special diets but they still scratch. We went back to their regular foods.

We've tried washing them with special shampoos but they still scratch.
Finally Mom got tired of all the scratching and declared war on the itchies. She washed both dogs with medicated shampoo and rinsed them with vinegar so they smelled like salads. She changed the antihistamine that Sebastian gets and Norma Jean gets a special pill from Dr B every couple days. Mom also has some nice smelling liquid stuff that she rubs on their legs if they feel like scratching.
So far it seems to be working.

But then Chewy offered us some special treats for allergic dogs and Mom said "Yes, send them." They are called Health Extension Allergix Treats.
Do you remember my birthday pie? Those heart shaped treats on top are the Allergix treats. We all tried them and they taste very good, not like medicine at all.
Allergix are made without artificial preservatives, flavors or fillers, no rendered animal fats, glutens added sugar or BHT. So what's in them? Lots of good stuff, like chicken and turkey, pumpkin, carrots, blueberries, cranberries and spinach. There's a lot of other things too that make them taste yummy without making us feel itchy.
Norma Jean and Sebastian are both feeling better since Mom went on the warpath and we all think these little heart shaped treats are part of the reason.
 Chewy sent us a big bag of Allergix Treats at no cost to our peeps in exchange for our honest review.
Your pal, Fudge

Saturday, February 17, 2018


It's been a wild and crazy month so far and we're only half way thru. It started with that 30 vehicle pile up and hasn't slowed down. But it hasn't been all awful. Let me give you a little tour.

One afternoon I noticed a truck pulling up in front of the house and hurried to meet the driver at the door before he could ring the bell. That way we could avoid all the dogs calling out a greeting at the top of their lungs. He handed me a Chewy box which confused me, as I hadn't ordered anything. At least I didn't remember ordering anything. The WOW team at Chewy had sent us a couple of new items to try out. They know our pack pretty well by now and had selected two items that they knew we could use, a probiotic and some glucosamine chews.
 We've been using maintenance  probiotics since our crypto disaster a few years ago and Noah needs them daily for his chronic colitis. We have consistantly used one that our vet told us about and it worked pretty well, but this one by DR LYON'S had different ingredients listed, so we decided to give it a try.

It comes in individual packs and each pack has enough for a couple dogs to share. In Noah's case, when his colitis is flaring up, he gets an entire pack to himself.
 Inside the pack is a granular substance that we sprinkle over his food. All the dogs love the taste and think it's a special topping. No problem getting them to eat and lick up every last granule.
My opinion? Dr Lyon's probiotic is actually working better for Noah than the one we used before and will probably become our new regular probiotic.

 Next we tried the Hip and Joint soft chews.Several of the Porties have some arthritis. Tess has deformities in her legs that can cause aches and pains and Fudge has severe joint problems from his stroke. They all get various supplements daily to help with the pain. These chews will be an enjoyable way to give them some extra pain relief.

The chews are much larger than I expected and also a bit chewier as I watched them chew for longer than usual.
As you can see the dogs decided they liked the taste and any help for their achy joints is good with me.
 Dr Lyon's seems to be a winner at our house. Thanks to our friends at Chewy for thinking of us when they needed testers.

A couple days later the doorbell rang and there was a florist's box waiting for me. Inside was a birthday card and these gorgeous roses.
 These were from our friends at Chewy, also. I was blown away by their thoughtful  gift.

Meanwhile, our front yard was under attack by the utility company who in their infinite wisdom decided that February was a good time to lay new gas lines. February, when everyone is running their furnaces, not July when the gas isn't being used as much. February when the ground is getting muddy from rain and melted snow, not July when the ground is dry from drought.
 Because our house is at the end of the line and is built on rock, we had the pleasure of their company for two weeks as they pounded and dug. At one time we had five of these tractors in our yard at once. Of course the dogs enjoyed all the extra practice they got barking and we all really loved the constant pounding for eight hours a day. The gas (read heat and hot water) was off periodically and they managed to cut both the internet-tv-phone line and the water line.
 I know little boys grow up with a fascination  for these big trucks and tractors and love messing in the dirt, but I didn't and don't. Fortunately, the crew was wonderful. They checked in with me each morning to let me know what to expect and each evening before knocking off they let me know how much progress they had made. The foreman even gave me his cell phone number if I needed to get in touch when they weren't there.

Now we live with mud until the weather allows for some grass to grow in.
A  couple days after the roses arrived, Chewy sent our review items for the month and we'll get to those in the next few days.

Then the big day came, Fudge's birthday, aka Valentine's Day. Would you believe that the WOW team once again thought of us and sent a box of cookies and candies to the humans in the house. Man, I'm starting to feel spoiled.

Then, as if that wasn't more than enough, Chewy came thru again and sent Mr Fudge a birthday gift.

I guess it's only appropriate that yesterday was Chinese New Year and 2018 is the year of the dog. Of course, at our house, every year is the year of the dog, but now it's official.
Happy New Year everyone.