Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Missing Miss Morgan

It was a year ago today that our sweet little old lady left us.
When I mentioned it to Rob this morning, he said it felt like much longer, but for me it's still very fresh.

I still look around for her at times, such as when the others are all outside playing. That's when we would have our alone time together and she would follow my every step.

I miss her surprisingly deep voice when we have our sing-alongs.
I miss her competitive spirit in our games.
I miss that sweet but naughty little face looking up at me.
And I miss seeing her snuggled into her bed a night.
We miss you Miss Morgan, more than you could ever know.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My Experiment Was a Bust

When I was a kid, I used to plant flowers on the first day of school vacation. It was just a habit I got into and I enjoyed seeing them burst into bloom during the summer. One of my favorites was nasturtiums.
Then when we lived in Maryland, we had a deck built on our townhouse and I planted window boxes for the deck. Again one of my choices was nasturtiums. Bentley, my first Portie developed a taste for the flowers and each morning would check the boxes for new blooms. I didn't get to enjoy much color from the nasturtiums, but I continued to plant them for Bentley's pleasure.

Then we moved here and I tried them, but it's just too hot here for nasturtiums. I tried a couple times, then gave up.

This year I was determined to try again. I planted them in two pots on the deck.
 The packet says they like full sun, but it's just too hot here and even watering them twice a day, the little plants cooked.
 I moved them out of the direct sun to a spot where they would only get morning sun, but they continued to die off.
 Then I moved them to a spot on the porch behind the hedge, so they got no direct sun at all. They were in shade all day. I continued to water twice a day and the leaves started growing back. But one morning I glanced out the window and saw a squirrel sitting in the pot. I ran outside to chase him away, but he had already eaten 90% of the leaves and all I had left were bare stalks.
I decided the experiment was over and gave up. But then the temps cooled off and we got some nice gentle rains and the leaves started growing back. I had a few small flowers, too, but only one at a time.
 Now a couple weeks later the plants don't look too bad, if you don't look closely. There are even several flowers in bloom at the same time. I offered one to Fudge a couple days ago and he agreed that they are indeed tasty.
 It wasn't my most successful experiment, but at least I saw a few pretty nasturtiums this year.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Summer's Last Gasp

Today is the first day of Fall and we're so pleased about it. Once the cooler temps arrive, the dogs will be happier about playing outside. Now they run out, pee and run back in again. Today it's 88 degrees but we're supposed to start having cooler days this weekend.
Last winter was very mild and we've had lots of rain this summer, so the flowers have been doing exceptionally well.
  I'll be sorry to see them go and the leaves all drop to the ground, but then there's always next Spring to look forward to.
 I thought I'd share the flowers in our yard before they're gone.
Tomorrow we'll share our nasturtium experiment with you.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Some Really Tasty New Food

I've heard for years that Wellness Core was good dog food. I only knew about the kibble, but many of the Portuguese Water Dog people that I hear from feed it and like it. It's always been in the back of my mind that we should try it sometime. I was really pleased to find that the canned version was available as a Chewy review item this month and didn't hesitate to order it.
I chose the turkey sampler which includes two flavors. First is turkey, chicken liver and turkey liver formula. It's grain and gluten free, contains greens and botanicals for health benefits and fish and flax omegas for skin and coat. Some of the good things in this formula are sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, spinach, blueberries, broccoli and kale as well as salmon oil, all things my dogs love to eat and are good for them.
The second formula is turkey, pork liver and duck formula. This one is grain and gluten free and is also fish free. It has the same veggies and fruits as the other but also has lots of vitamins.
My pack isn't easy to feed. The girls can eat most anything with no bad results, but my boys are all on different diets for their various intestinal issues. Then there is Sydney, who doesn't like much of anything. We have to coax her to eat each meal.

Sebastian eats turkey based home cooked food along with a little duck kibble and some pork added in, so the turkey, pork and duck formula seemed perfect for him. Mackey eats whatever Sebastian eats.  When Rob opened the food he remarked that it actually smelled good, like cooked meat. We're so used to strong fishy smelling food that this was obvious. He mixed some of the Wellness in with their regular dinner and they loved it.
 Then it was my turn. I agree, this food does smell better than most canned dog food. It also stays somewhat soft after refrigeration making it easier to mix into kibble. For the two boys, Fudge and Noah I used the turkey, duck, pork formula because they're both eating those already. The girls got the turkey and chicken formula mixed into their kibble.
My pack of experts agreed that this was excellent tasting food.
 They left their bowls shining.
 But what about the tough critic, Sydney? She came over to sniff it. She usually them walks away.
But this time she started eating and finished her meal with not a word from me. This doesn't happen often, so I guess this food must really be good.
Chewy sent us a case of Wellness CORE at no cost to us in exchange for our honest review.

Monday, September 19, 2016

B. L. A. P. Day

Ahoy, me Hearties! Today is B.L.A.P. Day, also known as Bark Like A Pirate Day.
Let's face it, folks, we dogs, and kitties, too, are all pretty good at languages. We're totally better than you peeps. We speak and understand Dog and Cat and also understand peep language, whatever it may be. In our house the peeps speak mostly English and we know what they're saying a lot more often than they think we do. We also speak body language really well. Think about it, we can tell you when we need to go outside or when we're hungry without even making a sound.

One language that I don't speak very well is Pirate.  But then, who do you know who does speak pirate well?
This year Mom asked me if I wanted to dress as a pirate for this day. I told her no. It's not that I don't enjoy getting dressed up now and then, but I'm eleven years old now and pretending to be a pirate isn't one of my favorite things.
Mom wanted to celebrate the day in some way, I don't know why, so she brought out this guy. This is Captain Jack Rabbit. Mom made him a couple years ago and now he lives in the guestroom.
She thought he needed a pal, so last week she knitted up this guy, Jolly Roger Rabbit. 
They look pretty good together, don't they?
 Even though Captain Jack has a tiny parrot on his shoulder, Mom thought they needed another parrot, so she knitted up Pretty Polly Pirate Parrot. She even made a little pirate hat for her.
So everybody enjoy Talk or Bark or Meow Like A Pirate Day.
Your pal, Fudge

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Monday, September 5, 2016

Goodbye Summer

Mom told us that today is Labor Day and that it marks the unofficial end of summer. The last few days have felt like Fall, they've been cool and sunny and wonderful for furry dogs. Today is a little too hot, but we know that cool weather is coming.
 After breakfast we overheard Mom and Dad talking about an end of summer party. Now, we LOVE parties. What would we have, cupcakes, maybe?

Nope, we all got sent outside to wait while Mom and Dad were doing something in the garage. When they finally came out, this is what they had, Frosty Paws. Wow, we haven't had Frosty Paws all summer.
Dad cut one in half for the little girls but the rest of us each got a whole cup, though Mom had to remind us that we're not supposed to eat the cup. Morgan used to do that.

Dad handed them out and we got started licking.
It was a mistake to cut the one in half for the little girls because Sydney ate hers in one big gulp, then she roamed around checking to see if any of us wanted to share. We didn't.
We started out standing, but Frosty Paws take a long time to lick, so most of us settled down in the grass to enjoy.
Mackey didn't think she wanted hers at first, but decided that it was really good.
 We took our time and enjoyed every last drop.
 Norma Jean was the first big dog finished and forgot about not eating the cup. She only ate a little.

Finally, everyone was done. Noah was the last one, as usual.
 Sebastian thanked Dad and asked if we could do this again soon.
 Goodbye Summer, we're ready for Fall.
 Your pal, Fudge